Closed Tenders

S.No.Tender No.Tender TitleDescriptionFeeTender Sale : Start DateLate Date for Bid submission
1364/NATRiP/GARC//PWT/2018/56-NIQSupply of Two Numbers of Two Post Lift for Powertrain Lab at GARC, ChennaiDownload 26/09/201915:00 Hours of 11/10/19
219/NATRiP/GARC/ADMIN/2019/266Hiring of Reputed, Registered and Licensed Security Agency For Security Service at GARC ChennaiDownload 30/08/201915:00 Hours of 19/09/19
358/NATRiP/GARC/2019-2020/258-NIQProviding Grouting and Waterproofing Work in Equipment Basement Pit at APSL at NATRiP.Download 27/08/201915:00 Hours of 13/09/19
4129/NATRiP/GARC/Admin/2019/259Hiring of Contractual Employees (Non Technical) From Registered Contract Staffing Service Agencies –  in both GARC & NATRiP.Download Download19/08/201915:00 Hours of 09/09/19
558/NATRiP/GARC/2019-2020/232-NIQConstruction of UG Sump with Pump and Pipe Line Works at PWT Pump House  in both GARC & NATRiP.Download09/08/201915:30 Hours of 26/08/19
6117/NATRiP/GARC/2019-2020/IP/12-NIQ“Supply and Installation of 20KVA UPS Installed in Labs” at GARC, Chennai.Download09/08/201915:30 Hours of 27/08/19
7305/NATRiP/GARC/VEL/GPS DATA ACQUISTION SYSTEM 2019-11-NIQDesign, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of GPS DATA ACQUISTION SYSTEM in VEL lab at GARC, Chennai.Download07/08/201915:00 Hours of 26/08/19
825/NATRiP/GARC/2019/IT Services/CCTV Camera-05-NIQSupply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 5 no’s of PTZ CCTV Camera for GARC Premises at GARCDownload07/08/201915:30 Hours of 23/08/19
9226/NATRiP/GARC/CIVIL-General Maintanance/2019-20/288-NIQHiring of Machineries Required for Preparation of Parking Area, at GARC, Chennai.Download26/07/201915:30 Hours of 16/08/19
10117/NATRiP/GARC/2019-20/Sub station Checkered plate/15-NIQ“Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Checkered Plates for Substation Building” at GARC, Chennai.Download29/07/201915:00 Hours of 12/08/19
1101/NATRiP/GARC/PWT/2019/Pest Control Service/188“PEST CONTROL SERVICE including material and manpower for a period of one year” at Global Automotive Research Centre (GARC)DownloadFree27/03/201905/04/2019
12129/NATRiP/GARC/ADMIN/2019/186Hiring of Contractual Employee from Registered Contract Staffing Service agenciesDownloadFree27/03/201905/04/2019
13364/NATRiP/GARC/PWT/2018/20 – NIQ“Annual Rate Contract for supply of Calibration and Operational Gases with Cylinder for Power Train Lab”DownloadFree21/03/201929/03/2019
14364/NATRiP/GARC/PWT/2018/20Annual Rate Contract for supply of Calibration and Operational Gases with Cylinder for Power Train Lab at GARC, Chennai. Download
Paid3/5/201921-03-2019 ; 15:00 Hrs
15229/NATRiP/GARC/ADMIN/2019/214Annual Rate Contract for supply of Stationery, Sanitary and General Items for NATRiPDownload10/06/201915:00 Hours of 24/06/19
16305/NATRiP/GARC/VEL/GPS DATA ACQUISTION SYSTEM/2019-11Notice inviting quotation for “Design, Supply, Intallation, Testing & Commisioning of GDS DATA ACQUISTION SYSTEM in VEL LabDownload17/6/201903:00 PM on 03/07/2019