Women’s day

Celebrations @ GARC 8thMarch 2021

Women’s day is celebrated globally on 8th of March every year to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution and importance of Women in all walks of life.

This year the theme of Women’s day celebration being “ Choose to Challenge”, GARC celebrated the event with great fervor and active participation of every women working in GARC.

Below was the agenda for celebrations:

  • Women’s day speech
  • After the opening remarks games were conducted for participation of all the women employees
  • The grievances and feedback of the women staff were taken
  • Cake cutting to ear mark the Women’s day celebration for first time in GARC
  • The event ended with prize distribution for winners in the game and gifts for all women staff.

The event commenced with the below speech:

“Every day, should be celebrated as Women’s Day. However, to honour their achievements, the UN announced March 8, as International Women’s Day. Also, it is the day to acknowledge the courage of every women to emerge as strong and powerful.

This year women’s day theme is ‘Choose To Challenge’, which means that every individual is responsible for our own actions and thoughts. The theme, further elaborates that from challenge comes change. One can call out gender bias and inequality.

Women should gather the courage to cross all the hurdles in all the spheres of life to make a tremendous improvement. Women’s Day is all about making society realize the importance of women and changing the rigid stereotyped gender biased society towards gender equality and thus building a better future.

Happy Women’s day for all women working in GARC”


Poster with signatures from all participants
Game : Ball Pass
Game: Musical Chair
Game : Cup stack