Universal Test Benches

Capable of testing variety of automotive components and its sub- assemblies. It houses 8 linear actuators, 1 rotary actuator and 3 portal frames (up to 300 kN rated load capacity). With these portal frames any combination of the actuators can be mounted to perform in either single axis or Multi axis testing.

Actuator Type Max static Force Max Stroke
  • 15 kN
  • 25 kN
  • 160 kN
  • 50 kN
  • ±75 mm
  • ±75 mm
  • ±125 mm
  • ±125 mm
  • ±125 mm
Rotary 10 kNm +/- 45 deg

The following tests can be performed:

  • Uni-axial, Bi-axial and Multi-axial test setup for component likes leaf spring, Structural parts, Rubber parts, sub-assembly and suspension system by using linear actuators.
  • In-phase and out of phase condition test for chassis and component test.
  • Load Block Program test.
  • Characteristic study of Shock absorber, Air spring and components.
  • Torsion test for Drive Shafts, Propeller Shafts, Torsion Bars, Steering Parts, etc by using Rotary actuators.
  • High cycle, low cycle and accelerated fatigue test and Evaluate the fatigue strength and fatigue limit.