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Head Restraints
The test equipment mainly for checking minimum requirements of head restraints as per the standards by the use of electrical actuators.

Electrical based actuators with load cell and displacement sensor:
· Back –form actuator (3 unit)                      : 500 daN load, 400mm stroke
· Head form actuator (longitudinal), (3 unit)   : 500 daN load 700mm stroke
· Head form actuator (vertical), (3 unit)         : 75 daN load,500mm stroke

Movement ranges are as follows:
· Y direction: 1 meter
· Z direction: 2.5 meters

Testing Standard:
· IS 15546-2005,
· EEC Dir 78/932 as amended by 2006/96
· ECE 17R07, ECE 25R04, FMVSS 202a

Interior Fittings
This equipment is to test the interior fittings by means of impact test as per the standards.

The Interior fitting test system fulfils test requirements of the following standards:
· IS 15223 : Automotive vehicles – Interior fittings – Specification
· ECE 21R01 Regulation
· EEC Directive 74/60 as amended by 2000/4 relating to the interior fittings of motor vehicles
· IS 11939: 1996: Automotive vehicles – Steering control systems
· ECE 80R03 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of seats of large passenger vehicles
· IS 15546-2005: Automotive vehicles – Seats, their anchorages and head restraints for category M1

Technical specification:
· Main frame : Height adjustment up to 650mm
· Sample holding table: 1400x1400 mm, Z rotation range (+/-90°), Y rotation range (+/-10°).
· Impact head form : 165mm dia,6.8+/-0.5kg
· Accelerometers     : 2 units of 200 g range
· Impact speed         : Adjustable up to 32 km/hr

Traction/Compression Test Machine
Universal Tension/Compression test machine testing the Fabric, webbing, strapping, and other similar flexible flat material to standard values.
Testing Standards:

Technical specification:
· Model : H50K
· Load : 500kg
· Testing speed : 0.001 to 500mm/min
· Max travel : 1100mm
· Max elongation : 5mm

The following grips and accessories are included :
· Grips HW21 (50KN)
· Belt model HT43 (11KN)

Impact Test Bench Pendulums
This device is used for Impact Resistant test of the Liquid fuel tanks and rear protective devices for motor vehicles and their trailers as per standards.

Testing Pendulums are:
· Cab pendulum : Speed 9km/hr, arm length 3500mm
· Tank pendulum: Percussion arm 1,000 mm, Impact momentum 30 Nm.
· Bumper pendulum: Speed up to 10 km/h, Arm length 3,500 mm.

Testing standards :
· ECE R42 - Annex 3 following clause 2.6.
· ECE R29 - Annex 3 following clause 1
· EEC Directive 70/221 last modified by 2006/20

Universal Pneumatic Actuators
This equipment used for testing the safety components like safety belts, restrain systems, windows fitted on buses.

Available actuators are follows:
· 2x pneumatic actuation system back and forward 1500 N 300 mm
· 1x pneumatic actuation system back and forward 100 N 300 mm
· 1x Micro-slip and abrasion test machine for safety belt straps
· 1x Durability test machine for retractors of safety belts
· 1x Emergency locking test machine for safety belt retractors.

Testing standards:
· IS 10792: 1984: Testing and acceptance criteria of pneumatic coupling between tractors and trailers.
· AIS 068: Requirements for windows fitted on buses.
· IS 15140: Automotive vehicles – Safety belts assemblies – Specifications.
· EEC Directive 77/541 last modified by 2005/40: Safety belts and restraint systems of motor vehicles.
· ECE Regulation 16.04: Safety-belts and restraint systems.

Cyclic Actuator
This equipment used for Testing and acceptance criteria of pneumatic coupling between tractors and trailers also it is used for testing the windows fitted on buses as per the standards.

Testing Standards:
· IS 10792: 1984: pneumatic coupling between tractors and trailers
· AIS 068: Requirements for windows fitted on buses.
· IS 15140-2003 Automotive Vehicles -Safety Belt Assemblies - Specifications

Technical specification:
· Pneumatic actuation system : back and forward 400 N 300 mm
· Proportional valve : 6/10bar
· Force transducer :  1000N

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