Recycling Demo Unit

Recycling demo unit is a small but significant first step in developing a modern and viable auto recycling industry in INDIA.

The key outputs of this project is:

  • automobile manufacturer to design vehicles for this dismantling.
  • OEM’s can identify materials to be used which is recyclable and are reusable.
  • ration for process flow manuals which comprises of dismantling
    process flow, segregation process flow, recycling process flow.
  • The experience gained and recommendations from recycling demo unit
    will help the government for framing a legislation which will pave way for
    recycling of end-of-life vehicles in India.

Highlights of RDU Facility:

  • Impermeable surface for appropriate areas with spillage collection crates to avoid land pollution.
  • Appropriate storage for dismantled spare parts, including impermeable storage for oil contaminated spare
  • Appropriate containers for storage of batteries.
  • Appropriate storage tanks for the segregated storage of end-of-life vehicle fluids like brake oil, power
    steering oil, engine oil, transmission oil, engine coolant, wiper washer fluid, left-out fuel, etc
  • Appropriate storage for used tyres, including the prevention of fire hazards.
  • SEDA Airbag neutralizing kit with universal adapter for bursting of airbags and seat belt pretensioners.
  • Fork lift capable of handling breakdown vehicles and vehicle white bodies.
  • Bailing press with a capacity to handle bales of size 16”x16” weighing 60 to 100 kgs.
  • Oxy-acetelene gas cutting for cutting the car white body.
  • Weighing machines to handle various weights to a maximum of 500 kgs.

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