Power Train Lab

This laboratory together with the Government and Automobile manufacturers is responsible for developing the pollution less environmental friendly technologies in road going vehicles. Also helps in implementing an integrated as well as harmonized approach in controlling vehicular emissions. The central focus of the Powertrain laboratory is to carry out emission testing for all categories of vehicle according to the emission norms and certification of the same. Apart from certification, developmental services also provided for the Automobile Industry.

Emission Laboratory
This Powertrain test facilities are equipped with fully automated system capable of conducting test, calculate results and generate test reports. Also the test equipments are in compliance with US, CARB, EPA, EURO, Japanese regulations.

  •  Mass emission test for vehicles whose GVW ≤ 3.5 tones as well as ≥ 3.5 tones for wide range of fuels such as petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG.
  • Mass emission test for off-road Vehicles
  • Cold exhaust emission certification test
  • Idling CO emission test
  • Test to determine Smoke density for diesel engine vehicles
  • On Board Diagnostics Test I
  • On Board Diagnostics Test II

 Consists of state of the art facilities such as:

Vehicle test cell – 3 
Engine test cell – 3 
Climatic Vehicle test cell – 1 
VV/VT Shed 
Supporting Facilities