Photometry Lab

This Lab provides standard measuring services for our customers in the field of lighting and light signaling devices for motor vehicles. This includes certification services for lighting and light signaling devices as per CMVR and Developmental testing as per national and international standards or regulations such as AIS, ECE & SAE

This Lab equips the following facilities:

Goniophotometer System
Goniophotometer system version of GO-H 1600 series made by LMT (Lichtmesstechnik GmbH Berlin) is available for testing of automobile luminaries to Photometric Standards (ECE & AIS).
Material of test:

  •   Head lamp
  •   Stop lamp
  •   Position lamp (front and rear)
  •   Direction indicator
  •   Reverse lamp
  •   Front and rear fog lamp
  •   Number plate lamp
  •   Filament lamp test
  •   Reflex reflector and warning triangle

Test performed:

  •   Light distribution
  •   Colour measurement
  •   Illumination area
  •   Gradient of luminance
  •   Electrical measurement

Technical specification of GO-H 1600:

  •   Number of axes   : 5 (H, V, X, Y, Z)
  •   Test object table : Servo motor controlled table (220*570 mm)
  •   LMT Goniofix       : Universal test sample holder for all automobile lamps.


  •   Test object           : max. Weight 50kg and Width 1600mm in horizontal axis.
  •   Software              : LMT LIMES 2000
  •   Power supply      : KEITHLEY multimeter

Testing standards:

  • European Standard (ECE regulations)
  • Indian Standard (AIS)


  •  Photometer S1000 is a universal precision instrument for the measurement of illuminance in terms of lux with range of 10^-4 to 5*10^5 lx.
  • Available units of measurements is lx,cd,lm or A.
  •  Photometer - unit PWM is a highest precision measurement of illuminance.(10^-4 to 80000lx)

Luminance Meter

  •   Luminance meter version of L 1003 is available for measurement of luminance in terms of cd/m^2 with range of 0.0001cd/m^2 to 1999000 cd/m^2.
  •   Luminance is a measure of the luminous intensity per unit area of light travelling in a given direction. Angular fields selectable are 3°,1°,20’,6’.

Trichromatic Colorimeter

  •   Tristimulus colorimeter version of C 1210 is mainly for measuring the trichromatic color co-ordinates by means of silicon photoelements.
  •   Main Application of C1210 is high precision measurement of light sources, evaluation of tristimulus value X-Y-Z , chromaticity coordinates x,y, and correlated colour temperature Tcp.
  • The Y-refers the illuminance with a range of 0.01lx to 600000lx

Retro Reflecting Measuring Unit

  •   LMT  RETRO 1000 are high-accuracy device for the measurement of reflex       reflectors to various observation angles 12,20,90minutes.(30m distance)
  •   The measuring equipment consists of photometer for illuminance         measurement, projector for light source and luminous flux controller,       Gonio for sample fixing and colorimeter for color identification.
  •   This system meats the ECE regulation R3, R27, R69, R70 and SAE      standards J594,J 774,J943.
  •   The measurement value in mcd/lux.

Integrating Sphere System

  •   Integrating sphere version of UL1000 for standard measurement of total luminance flux of luminaries.
  •   Application of integrating sphere is color chromaticity of bulbs, calibration of bulbs, measurement of efficiency lm/watt, Auxiliary lamp with light tight fastening.
  •   The standard lamps are available for bulb calibration.
  •   LIMES 2000 software used for measurements of total luminous intensity.

Transmission and Diffusion Measurement

  •   Measurement equipment for determination of stray radiation of flat & convex transparent material inside defined angular areas.
  •   The equipment consists of illuminant source, exit pulpil, sample table stand, optical imaging element, annular diaphragm and photometer head.
  •   Measurement of transmission and diffusion by directional incidence, according to the requirements of Economic commission for Europe (ECE) vehicle regulation.

Reflectance Measurement Equipment

  •   Version RT500 measures the reflectance; defuse reflectance transmittance values in terms of percentage (Max 199.9%).
  •   The standards related to the measurement of reflectance and transmittance is CIE 38, ECE R46 and ISO 5740-1982.
  •   Reflectance measurement equipment consists of integrating sphere, ρ-illuminant source, ԏ-illuminant source, measuring console.

Profile Projector:

Profile projector version ISP-Z3015 is for measurement of bulb filament dimensions

Spectral measurement system

  •   Version DMc150-DME integrated double spectroradiometer (250-800nm) made by Bentham Instruments Limited for measurement of Spectral power distribution (UV radiation) of illuminants in terms of wave length (nm).
  •   The system consists of a double monochromator based on two 150mm focal length single monochromators in Czerny tuner configuration and integrated DC detection electronics.
  •   The Binwin+ software used for the measurement of UV radiation of illuminants.
  •   The high voltage supply (750v) available for measurements.

Standard Etalon Lamps

  •   Standard Etalon lamps from various manufacturers are available for calibration purposes.
  •   The following Categories are available C5W, H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H6W, H21W, H27W/1, HB3, HB4, HS1, P21W, P21/5W, PR21/5W, PY21W, R5W, R10W, RY10W, S2, T4W, W5W, WY5W, and W16W.