Pedestrian Safety Lab

Pedestrian and occupant safety lab is the first of its kind in South India. This lab has been built to cater the need for the automobile manufacturers all over India. The pedestrian lab and occupant safety lab has the ability not only to perform tests according to Indian standards but International regulations as well.

Tests that can be performed:

  • Regulation 78/2009 (Phase I /II)
  • EuroNCAP – Pedestrians
  • FMVSS201U – US Regulation
  • ECE R12
  • ECE R21
  • GTR9 (Global Technical Regulation)
  • TRIAS 63-2004, Japanese Regulation
  • JNCAP – Pedestrian
  • AIS-100


  • Maximum speed of 54km/h
  • Impact point precision: 5mm radius
  • Main structure on rail system
  • Longitudinal regulation:1500mm
  • Lateral regulation:+/-2000 mm
  • Transversal beam regulation:1000 mm
  • Vertical regulation:500 –3000 mm
  • Motorized movement
  • Positioning using encoders

Other Characteristics

  • Laser pointer for precision.
  • Static calibration and dynamic calibration benches for the impactors.
  • Head drop test stand.
  • Bedplate with T-slots for mounting the fixtures.
  • 5 degrees of freedom.

Additional facilities

  • High speed cameras of 2000fps recording capability.
  • Aicon 3D system for measuring deformation.


  • Max.Velocity:7 m/s
  • Velocity accuracy: + 0.20 km/h
  • Repeatability: + 0.15 km/h
  • Impactor Mass: 6.5 kg
  • Horizontal angle: 00
  • Max. Horizontal divergence:±0.10
  • Vertical angle:-10 to 500
  • Max.Vertical divergence:±0.10
  • Impact point precision: 5 mm radius.

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  • 3000x5500x3000 mm( WLH) (test area).
  • Temperature range is -65 ̊ C to 100 ̊ C  and control accuracy is +/- 0.5 ̊ C after stabilization.
  • The system has simpati Software to document and monitor the test.
  • Access window 6 nos. of size 1100x1500mm
  • Deployment can be carried out in 10 seconds.The maximum floor load possible is 3000 kg/sq.m


Camera maximum specification 1024 x1024 pixel 2000FPS

  • Two 500 GB SATA hard disk drive
  • UPS provided to Camera and controls
  • Lights with adequate illumination provided (24kW)
  • F stop setting provided.
  • up to 2 of one brand of imagers including: saved test profiles, interactive control mode, auto-test mode, auto color correction, auto AVI creation , multiple save location, database driven.
  • 8 Nos. 5A/40V squib fire supplies , with adjustable squib, duration and interval.
  • Min of 0.10 msec timing accuracy possible.
  • Test system is capable of checking pre and post test squib condition and inform operator for unsafe condition.