Multi Axial Shaker Table with Climatic Chamber

It is a dynamic system, designed to perform research and development tests on vehicle components such as seats, radiator assemblies, engine components, etc., and sub-assemblies such as half or whole vehicle bucks, suspension assemblies, instrument panels, roof systems, engines assemblies with powertrain, etc.,. It can be used to simulate acceleration and displacement outputs and reproduce key data collected on proving grounds. It has six degree of freedom (6 DOF). It is also provided with climatic chamber to simulate environmental conditions. The tests can be performed are structural durability, NVH Evaluations, vehicle dynamics, squeak and rattle evaluations and environmental exposure.

  • Max payload – 680 kg
  • Table size – 2*2.2 m
  • Actuator peak force – 54 KN
  • Bandwidth – up to 100 Hz
  • Temp range – -30°C to +80°C