Hyperlinking Policy

There are cases where Global Automotive Research Centre website provides hyperlinks to other websites on the web. These hyperlinks lead to websites published or operated by third parties who are no way affiliated or any way related to GARC. These sites have been included to our site just because of enhancing user experience and are presented for information purposes only.

Having provided hyperlinks to an external website or webpage, GARC doesn’t approve, endorse, guarantee or recommend any third parties or the services or products provided on their respective sites. We can’t be held responsible for the content of any externally linked website or webpage. When you use or follow these links that is completely at your own risk and we are no way responsible for any damages or losses incurred or suffered by you arising out of these information provided on these links.

You have to take prior written approval of GARC before creating a hyperlink in any form from a third party website to any GARC website. Of course, we may not give such approval at full discretion, but in normal circumstances, we can only approve a hyperlink which displays plainly our name or website address. We won’t be responsible for the setup of any hyperlink from a third party website to any GARC website. Any links so set up can’t be taken as shall not constitute any form of co-operation or endorsement by such third party website.