Vehicle Evaluation Laboratory (VEL)

Test Tracks

GARC has the High Speed Test Track, Braking Surfaces Test Track, External Noise Track, Steering Pad and various Test Hills Tracks to conduct the Homologation tests as well as the developmental tests as per the National and International standards.

External Noise Test Track

Total Length661m
ISO Surface (ISO 10844:2014)40 m x 28 m
Acceleration Lane310 m
Deceleration Lane311 m
General Width4m
Description of test Ref. Standard CMVR No.
Pass by Noise IS 3028 – 1998 120
Horn InstallationAIS 014119
Bystander Noise for TractorsIS 12180 – 2000120
Operator Ear Level NoiseIS 12180 (Part 1)-2000120
Stationary Noise (Exhaust Tailpipe)IS 10399 – 1998

Steering Pad

Maximum Radius100 m
Acceleration Lanes350 m long on either side
Uniform Cross Fall1 % from the centre (Outward slope)
Test Radius5.2m, 12.5m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m,
50m, 60m & 80m

Steering Pad is assessed and certified by M/s. IDIADA, Spain

Description of test Ref. StandardCMVR No.
Steering Effort for TractorsAIS 042 98B
Steering Effort for 4 wheelers IS 11948 – 1999 98
Steering Effort for CEVIS 11948 – 1999 98A
Turning Circle Diameter IS 12222 – 198798

Test Hills Track

TrackGradient (%)Gradient (°)Total Length (m)Slope Length (m)Width (m)Surface
Hill Track 16 to 83.4 & 4.613537.4 each5Asphalt
Hill Track 2126.895554Concrete
Hill Track 31810.275354Concrete
Hill Track 42815.65918.54Concrete
Description of testRef. StandardCMVR No.
Gradeability AIS003115B, 115C,
124 (23)
Parking Brake Test for 3W, 4W & Agricultural Tractors IS:14664-1999 IS:11852-2001(Part 3) IS: 12061-199496

Oval Track

Total Length4468.6 m
Straight Length1402.44 m (x2)
No of Lanes2 of 4m width each
Service Lane Width4m
Braking Zone18m and 13m width
Banking Radius 225 m (Centerline)
Banking Angle10%
Max Speed at Banking120 km/h
Evenness(mm) ±3 (measurement by “Rule of Three” method)
Geometric Tolerance(mm)±4 (measurement by “Topographical Survey” method)
Description of test Ref. Standard CMVR No
Brake Test for 2/3 WheelerIS 14664 – 1999 96
Brake Test for 4 Wheeler & HCV IS 11852: Part 3 – 200196
Speedometer CalibrationIS 11827 – 1995117
Constant Speed Fuel ConsumptionIS 11921:1993115B, 115C, 124 (31)
Range TestAIS 055115B, 115C
Coast Down TestTAP 115/116, IS 14785 – 2000115
Speed Limiter TestAIS 018118
Brake for TractorsIS 12061 – 199996C
Brake Test for CEV CMVR 198996A
Hood Latch Test IS 14226 – 1995124 (17)
Cooling PerformanceIS 14557-1998 115B, 115C
Max SpeedIS: 11877-1986
Rear View Mirror InstallationAIS 002125 (2)
Acceleration TestIS: 11851-1986

Braking Surface Track

Total Length (m)1250
Acceleration Zone (m)645
Stabilisation Zone (m) 215
Braking Surfaces such as Ceramic (0.1 µ), Basalt (0.3 µ), High Friction Asphalt (0.9 µ) (m)250 m
Frontal Safety Area (m)140
Lateral Safety Area (m)20.4 * 22.4
Braking Surface are provided with Sprinkler