Photometry Lab

This Lab provides standard measuring services for our customers in the field of lighting and light signaling devices for motor vehicles. This includes certification services for lighting and light signaling devices as per CMVR and Developmental testing as per national and international standards or regulations such as AIS, ECE & SAE


The Goniophotometer specifically designed for the automatic measurement and
documentation of the spatial distribution of Light & Light Signalling devices, LED PWM
Measurements, License Plate devices, Retro-Reflecting Devices, Advanced Warning Triangles
and similar applications as per National and International Standards.

  • Make : LMT Lichtmesstechnik GmbH Berlin
  • Testing Ranges:
    • Illuminance : 10-4 to 5×105 lux
    • Luminance : 0.0001 to 2×107 cd/m2
    • Coefficient of Luminance Intensity @ angle of 20’, 1° 30’ : 0.1 to 199900 mcd/lux
    • Colour Values : x & y = 0.0001 to 1.0000

Reflectance & Transmission Measurement System

  • Make : LMT, Germany
  • Measurements : Reflectance (ρ) & Transmittance (τ)
  • Testing Ranges : ρ & τ = 0-100%
  • Applicable Standards : ECE, AIS, SAE

Integrating Sphere

Luminous flux measuring equipment with integrating spheres are standard
measurements devices for routine measurements of luminous flux,
Colorimetry & UV Radiation test of Auto Lamps (Incandescent, Halogen,
HID & LED Lamps) or luminaries as per National and International

  • Testing Ranges:
    • Luminous Flux : 10-3 to 2×105 Lumen
    • Colour Values : X & Y = 0.0001 to 1.0000

Transmission & Diffusion Measurement System

Measure the determination of stray-radiation of transparent material, inside defined angular areas as per AIS:010, IS: 2553, ECE R-43.

Spectral Measurement System

SMUV measures the light solutions particularly in the UV, Visible and NIR as per AIS: 010, 012, 34, ECE
R-037, R-099.

Profile Projector

  • ISP– Z3015 digital measuring projector is a precise & excellent effective measuring instrument integrating optic, mechanic & electricity.
  • Dimension Measurement of the Automotive Light Sources AIS:034, ECE R-037, R-099.