Airbag Testing Laboratory

The Airbag testing lab is equipped with Surefire airbag test system with 8 squibs which can send current to eight different airbag at the
same time and environmental chamber which is required to test the static deployment of airbag as a component and as a full vehicle. The
environmental chamber is drive-in chamber which can simulate a temperature from – 65°C to 100°C

Pedestrian Safety

  • Camera maximum specification 1024 x1024 pixel 2000FPS
  • Two 500 GB SATA hard disk drive
  • UPS provided Camera and controls
  • Lights with adequate illumination provided (36kW)
  • F stop setting provided.
  • Up to 2 of one brand of imagers including :
    • Saved test profiles
    • Interactive control mode
    • Auto-test mode
    • Auto colour correction
    • Auto AVI creation
    • Multiple save location
    • Database driven
  • Powerplay Software – Playback in single frame

Climatic Chamber

  • 3000 x 5500 x 3000 mm (WHD) (test area)
  • Temperature range is -35 ̊C to +100 ̊C (+/- 0.5 ̊C)
  • Simpati Software to document and monitor the test
  • Access window 6 Nos. of size 1100 x 1500 mm
  • Deployment can be carried out in 10 seconds
  • The maximum floor load possible is 3000 kg/sq.m