Overview of Fatigue Laboratory

Fatigue Lab houses equipment for evaluating structural dynamics of vehicle as well as its components/aggregates simulating real time loading conditions. Fatigue tests are made with the object of determining the relationship between the stress range and the number of times it can be applied before causing failure. Hence the testing machines are used for applying cyclically varying stresses and cover tension, compression, torsion and bending or a combination of these stresses. The equipments are supported with sophisticated instrumentation and Customized software. The vehicles and its components can be tested for

  • Durability
  • Product validation
  • Stress Screening
  • Vibration analysis
  • Reliability

Equipment’s available in Fatigue lab are as follows,

  1. 4 Poster
  2. Multi Axial Shaker Table with Climatic Chamber
  3. Universal Test Benches
  4. Environmental Shaker Lab

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