Fatigue & Certification

This Department has the test facilities to test the following components:

  • Test on all types of Lights, Bulbs and Reflectors
  • Safety glass test for Front , Side and Rear glasses
  • Tests on Rear view mirrors – Both Interior and Exterior
  • Steering wheel Impact test – Static and Dynamic tests
  • Door Hinges, lock and Latches test
  • Tests on Wiper and Wiper Blades
  • Wheel drum tests – Radial, Corner fatigue test and Tyre test
  • Seat Anchorage test – Static and Dynamic tests
  • Seat belt anchorage test – Static and Dynamic tests
  • Tests on Brake hose and Brake fluid
  • Pendulum impact crash test – Static and Dynamic
  • Accelerator control test
  • Test on Fuel tanks
  • Bumper impact test
  • Roof crash test
  • Bus Window retention test
  • Tests on Interior fittings
  • Tests on CNG and LPG kits
  • Tests on Flasher unit
  • Side door strength test
  • Tests on Seat belt

Above mentioned tests are carried out with the help of the following Labs:

  1. Fatigue Lab 
    Vibration Shaker Laboratory
  2. Certification Lab
  3. Photometry Lab