Engine Test Cell

Engine Test Cell

GARC provides three sophisticated engine test stands for carrying out emission testing as well as developmental testing in various automotive engines, tractor engines, gensets and Off road vehicle engines. Our test beds are capable of testing engines operating on Petrol, Diesel, Ethanol, Methanol, Blends, CNG, LPG, Bio- fuels and any alternate fuels.

Test Facility Description:


  • AC Engine Dynamometers (equipped with IGBT technology): ranges from 60 kW to 500 kW
  • Dedicated Combustion Air Handling Unit for emission testing purposes which provides conditioned air independent of the ambient conditions
    • Conditioned Humidity Range : 6-20 g/kg, with control accuracy +/-0.5 g/kg
    • Conditioned Temperature range : 15-35 °C, +/- 1 °C control accuracy
    • Pressure range : 900-1050 mbar(abs), +/-3 mbar accuracy
  • Unique Dynamic Engine Combustion Air Handling Unit with altitude simulation for controlled air input is available for developmental purposes
  • Each test bed has its own weather station of high accuracy to monitor the temperature, pressure and humidity inside the test bed
  • The facility is also equipped with the following


√  Automation system as well as data acquisition system
√  Dedicated coolant conditioning system with highest control accuracy and control dynamic to bring the engine coolant to a free definable temperature
√  Engine oil conditioning system with high temperature control precision (1 °C) and high pressure control precision (0.1 bar)
√  Engine Intercooler with nominal cooling capacity of 100 kW
√  Unique Fuel Mass Flow Meter combined with Fuel Temperature Control with integrated heating is available for continuous fuel consumption measurement with the accuracy of 0.12%. Built-in accuracy check and calibration according to ISO 9001
√  Various sampling smoke meter with measurement range 0 to 10 FSN, 0.001 FSN resolution (conforming to ISO 10054)
√  Blow by meter is capable of measuring flows in both directions with high accuracy, reproducibility better than 0.1%
√  Opacimeter of high signal sensitivity capable of measurement in transient test procedures

  • Emission Systems:


√ Exhaust gas analyzers(MEXA-7100D, 7200D, 7400HLE)
√ Constant Volume Sampling System (CVS-7400T)
√ PM measurement system (DLS-7200)
√ Dilution tunnel (DLT-18120)
√ Full flow dilution tunnel (DLT-1230)
√ Partial Flow dilution system (MDLT-1303)
√ weighing chamber (CHAM-1000)
√ Opacimeter (MEXA-600S)
√ Remote Mix Tee (RMT(CVS-7400T))