Crash Core

Impact Blocks with maximum Impact loads:
Fixed Impact Block (All types of Vehicles) : 22 MN
Movable Impact block (Passenger cars only) : 3.2 MN
Tracks : 3 tracks
Main track length : 165 meters
Track 2 length (Car to Car Offset Impact) : 100meters
Track 3 length (Car top Car Angular Crash) : 90 meters
Impact Speed (Frontal) : 120 kmph with 3.5T with max accn. 0.5 g
Impact speed (Rear) : 80 kmph with 3.5T with 0.3g
For two vehicles : 2x80km/h Max speed up to 2T
For Vehicles up to 12 T : 80km/h Max speed
Load cell wall : 2 m x 1 m (125 mm x 125 mm; Tri-Axial)
Barriers present and Tests that can be performed:
ECE R94 Barrier(Offset Impact).
ECE R32 Barrier(Rear Impact).
Pole Barrier(EuroNCAP).
Flying Floor for Side Pole test.
Multipurpose barrier (FMVSS214 side, IIHS side, FMVSS 301 etc..)
Rear Impact
Static Rollover test rig (FMVSS 301).
Side Rollover Trolley (FMVSS 208).
Cork Screw Rollover